Episode 13 – ChChCh AhAhAh

It’s two weeks later and another episode.  Consistency!

I really wanted to have this up on Friday the 13th, and not just because it’s Episode 13.  Listen right at the beginning and you’ll see that we had no idea when the next Friday the 13th was.  Also as I was setting this up I realized what our Obsessed with Star Wars scores were.  See below!

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Episode 10 – Give Me That Fish!

We made it… double digits!  For this milestone episode we invited a couple of questionable characters over for a 2+ hour chat over the things that we love.  Special guests, Tim Westbrook and Tim Carr, or as we like to call them, The Brothers Tim.

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Episode 9 – Just Like the Fenix

It’s what you and three guys in Russia have been waiting for… the return of Jake and John Pod!  Starting off the new year fresh… or at least as fresh as we can.  There’s a little bit of rust, but it’s the same two arguing jackasses!

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