Episode 42 – Civic Duty

The Masters of Nothing Podcasts
The Masters of Nothing Podcasts
Episode 42 - Civic Duty

John is back in the saddle for a slightly more timely episode.

The day we recorded this, I returned home from jury duty tired.  Playing some MGSV and downing an AMP pepped me up to record this mostly good episode.  I let John talk about sports and he wanted to talk about One Piece to balance it out!

I was hoping to get this up a little earlier, but what Shawn calls the Jake Cave is more like a cave than ever now, since I am currently sans internet or cable.  Maybe It’ll make me a better person, or maybe it’ll make me something something.

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Preview pic is from a movie I remembered while typing this up:

And as always, check out bitblastnetwork.  We gave them way too much attention this week.

Some episode highlights include:

  • John’s back
  • John’s salty recap of Episode 41
  • Adventures in Jury Duty
  • Information on the internet
  • MGSV
  • Taken King
  • Other video games
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • bitblastnetwork
  • One Piece
  • Star Wars
  • College Life

Title song:  Less Than Jake – Never Going Back to New Jersey

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