Episode 11 – A “C” Average

The Masters of Nothing
The Masters of Nothing
Episode 11 - A "C" Average

Live from Tropical Storm Colin!

This episode is comic book heavy as we dive into the X-Men movie franchise, new Captain America, and Civil War II.  I try to wrap my head around the gross continuity of the X-Men films while John joins the ranks of the butthurt internet fans.  Also some video game, manga, and UFC peppered within.

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Preview pic is the scene stealer himself:

Some episode highlights include:

  • Tramps Against Trump
  • Tropical Storm Colin
  • Ordering Food
  • X-Men Apocalypse
  • X-Men Movie Franchise
  • John Oliver
  • Cloud Files
  • Captain America: Agent of Hydra
  • Civil War II
  • John goes on yet another racist rant
  • One Piece
  • UFC 200

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